i don't care how long it takes me, i'm going somewhere beautiful.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

highway 1

scenes from the window as we drove down then back up highway 1.
the fog was so thick!
i bet there's lots of fun places to explore off of this road.
i want to come back and do this road the right way, camping as i go.
someday, someday.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

17 mile drive

17 mile drive is one of the most exclusive drives in the US.
one must pay to enter if in a car or on a tour bus, bikers are free and motorcyclists are forbidden.
along the 17 mile drive is the bird rock, the lone cyprus tree, the elite 18th hole known to all golf enthusiasts and a number of other sites (including some past & present celebrity homes).

the bird rock is a large rock a handful of yards off the coast covered in sea birds and sea lions.  pulling up to bird rock one hears a cacophony of sounds from the sea lions calling back and forth to the birds squawking overhead.

the lone cyprus tree is one of the most famous trees in the world.  it sits out on a cliff all by its lonesome.  many years ago people could walk down a path right up to the tree. today, however, it is blocked off by a fence because a couple of teenage hooligans tried to burn the tree down. it might be funny if it weren't so horrible...ok, not funny at all.

the glory of the 18th hole flies right over my head seeing as i know next to nothing about golf. but my mom was loving it, so that was her thing. real pretty place, though.


monterey bay is the setting of three of John Steinbeck's novels.
i went into the gift shop on the main street and picked up the first two novels Steinbeck wrote based in monterey bay.
it is also the home to lots (and lots) of seals & sea lions.
the seals/sea lions coat the rocks scattered throughout the bay, covering them completely and sometimes blend right in.
out the window of our lunch table we watched a pup restlessly move around his mom and other lazy sleeping friends. the pup was impatiently flipping himself all around in the water.
the pup reminded me of my baby sister, going going going.

Monday, July 08, 2013

san francisco

walking around San Francisco was a sensory overload.
there was so much to see in so little time!
we walked up a few of the famous steep hills throughout the city.
we walked down one of the most crooked streets in the city.
the crooked streets are a number of switch backs running back and forth down a hill...traffic is a crawl, and buses & other large vehicles/trucks are banned because they are too long to move around the curves.
the streets are lined with town homes. they are so similar but each one has its own character. one home had a garden out back, one had an open air porch to its side with crisscross lights, multiple homes had rooftop gardens.
we passed by the house where the outside scenes of Full House were filmed (the yellow town home in the middle of photo 14).
we also stopped off at the palace of arts. very beautiful place, but we only had time to see the outside and surrounding pond.
and, of course, we saw the golden gate bridge.
fog started rolling in as we were crossing the bridge. the fog is a weather phenomenon in the San Francisco bay area that has to do with the temperature of the air and water.
cable cars are coming soon.

Friday, July 05, 2013

pacific ocean

the beauty of the pacific west coast is breath-taking.
from the water, to the fog, to the national forests. all of it.
i am always reminded how vast and diverse our world is every time i travel.
it is humbling to look out at an ocean as far as you can or up at a mountain peak so high above your head. it reminds me i am small, just a mere visitor passing by.
all i try to do is soak it all in. savour it as best i can.
God did good when He designed this place.